How to Become a Wine Expert

People love wine across the globe but not everyone can truly taste it with all their senses. With a Hong Kong Wine Course, even the current rookies in the wine world can become true connoisseurs. All it takes is goodwill, motivation, and ambition.

In Hong Kong, CorVino is one of the leading wine schools. It is a reputable institution in Sheung Wan that has been a starting point for many influential people in the wine industry. Starting with basic courses and then advancing to high levels is a safe road to the top! The qualifications that students receive at CorVino are accepted internationally. Beginning a professional road with the knowledge and certificates from this school is highly recommended to everyone passionate about wines with goals to pursue challenging careers.

The most popular Hong Kong Wine Course at CorVino is WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust). It is a comprehensive course available in three levels in Wines and three levels in Sake. Depending on the goals, participants can learn everything they need at WSET; from essential lessons that teach them how to explore wines through sight, taste, and smell to advanced levels that analyze the global market, prices, and origins of wines, among others.

CorVino Hong Kong Wine Course is available to anyone that wants to learn more about wines or prosper in the industry. Interested wine lovers can contact the service center of the school, receive information about upcoming programs and become real wine professionals upon the completion of the course.