Comparative Cultures of Care – The Best Choice for Talented Students

There are Humanities Faculty in HK. Faculty of Humanities in Hong Kong is attracting international students with its innovative comparative cultures of care that focus on connection, communication and empower students to reach their maximum potential in areas of their preference.

EdUHK recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, which served to remind all the educators, scholars and students of outstanding accomplishments of comparative cultures of care, as well as a presentation of plans that will continue to keep this Faculty among the best educational institutions in the region. Guests of the ceremony enjoyed the celebration of all the achievements and were honored to learn about the future goals of EdUHK which has been following plans closely since its foundation.

As an educational institution that aims to help students succeed in the academic arena, while also developing skills that are useful in personal lives, EdUHK continually introduces new programs, while developing existing courses to keep up to date with the latest demands and changes of modern education and business.

In order to provide comparative cultures of care programs that will keep the engagement and attention of the students, EdUHK offers over 20 programs, moderated by over 240 academic, teaching, research, and administrative staff and 4 departments for students of different interests. 8 research centers are available for a wide range of research that help students obtain valuable skills of crucial importance for their future careers.

Students can choose between Chinese Language Studies, English Language Education, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, and Literature and Cultural Studies in Humanities Faculty HK. They can receive all the required information on the official site of the Faculty of Humanities or they can contact/visit the office for additional details.