Green Sustainable Material for Printing Services

Hung Hing produces top-quality lifestyle paper products for a range of businesses, events, special occasions, and everyday products at clients’ demand. This company developed innovative techniques through its 70+ years of operation that put it on top of the printing industry in Hong Kong. With its cutting-edge equipment and professional staff, Hung Hing can respond to any request; turning all ideas into lifestyle paper products.

Sustainability is a significant factor for Hung Hing which is committed to the promotion of sustainable development. For that reason, this company utilizes green sustainable material for its lifestyle paper products. Being responsible while improving its operation is the priority of Hung Hing so recycling all waste materials, using soy and vegetable ink, as well as energy-saving products, and employing renewable solar energy in its factories are parts of Hung Hing’s regular operations.

The company has received numerous international awards and accreditation for high-standard product quality, green sustainable material, corporate management and other qualities that Hung Hing has been promoting for decades. Longevity, clear principles, discipline and continual development continue to grow Hung Hing’s influence that goes outside Hong Kong as this company grew a global presence with 12 warehouses worldwide.

Qualified management and staff of Hung Hing takes pride in all its achievements and commits to continue providing the best lifestyle paper products using green sustainable material and unique practices that can respond to every challenge and take customer satisfaction to the highest level, regardless of the quantity, difficulty and requirements of the request.