A Socially Responsible Bank: Bank of Asia (BVI)

The Founder and Chairman of Bank of Asia (BVI), Mr. Carson Wen is recently engaged in a legal case with a former employee of FHL which is his other company, appealing to Privy Council in accordance with the false and misleading claims regarding unpaid wages. It is reiterated that the related parties in the case only include Mr. Carson Wen on behalf of FHL and the employee. Bank of Asia is not relevant to the dispute in any sense with no impact on their daily business operation.

As usual, Bank of Asia (BVI) as a socially responsible enterprise keep certain core values in mind namely trustworthiness and integrity. Bank of Asia (BVI) treat these values with a higher priority over the aim of earning a profit. Not only do Bank of Asia (BVI) comply with strict ethical standards, but also hold themselves accountable for their work such as quality, working hard to create the most benefits to the society. See how Mr. Wen fight for the justice on behalf of FHL by reading https://en.prnasia.com/releases/apac/bank-of-asia-s-founder-carson-wen-appealed-to-privy-council-in-uk-on-employment-dispute-with-chad-holm-305371.shtml