Digital Expo Platform With Online Recruitment Service

U.C. Now is a Digital Expo Platform HK that features ingenious tools that increase group online productivity and organization. The developers of the software analyzed people’s digital needs during the Coronavirus quarantine. The platform was already serving corporations, tutors, and other professionals for online meetings and classes. However, now the possibilities and abilities of UC. Now it has increased significantly.

U.C. Now is also an Employee Training Management Platform HK. Employers can access innovative talent training and management on the platform, they can practice online with employees and use the Digital Expo Platform HK to hire new staff.

U.C. Now provides private cloud hosting and a pre-built virtual event template. Employers can use those to recruit members online through Job Centre, a workflow automation technology. The Job Centre is widely used at the Employee Training Management Platform HK. Employers can receive and review applications, schedule online interviews, and hold meetings.

Job seekers can go through business opportunities and apply for suitable positions. The Digital Expo Platform HK has unique pre-event, post-event, follow-up, and in-event tools. Users can communicate via video, audio call, and text.

Regarding the Employee Training Management Platform HK, the video calling feature is extremely useful. Employers have a chance to interview potential employees without interruptions; they have time to ask critical questions and review the documents that employees submit with the job application.

Employees, on the other hand, have more time to prepare for the interview and they are more confident to attend an interview in a familiar, comfortable environment.

Members of UC. Now can use the software for any online communication purposes.