Meeting V.S. Webinar

There are many virtual event solutions out there in the market. Do some research and select the right one in the early stages of planning so that you can be more efficient with your time and efforts. Below are three key factors to consider when choosing between a meeting and a webinar platform.

First, capacity. A meeting usually allows up to 1000 interactive participants while a webinar platform normally allows up to 50,000 attendees. Second, audience interaction. Is the event mainly about you presenting, or do you need participants to interact with one another? If you want the event to be view-only and you control which attendees are seen or heard, pick the webinar portal. If you want the attendees to be on camera, speak and share their screens freely, go for the meeting option. Third, internal or external audience. People usually use a webinar portal for live event entertainment and town-hall-style panels, catering to a large group of unknown attendees. And people normally pick the meeting option for focus groups, breakout sessions, and smaller, interactive trainings. So, what’s your choice?

No matter which virtual event solution you finally decide to get, it is important to check out the many integrations available in the market too! Common integrations include marketing automation, content distribution, and monetization.