Search engine optimization service and paid Google Ads are often treated as two separate marketing activities. However, a digital marketing strategy should look at combining SEO and PPC efforts and have SEO and search ads Hong Kong working together, leveraging data from both to identify new opportunities. SEO is the foundation of any effective digital marketing strategy. It’s what helps people find your website in search results. It’s also important for driving organic traffic from social media, email, and other channels. It’s where you start your digital marketing journey.

Paid advertising can be an important part of a successful marketing strategy, but it’s not the only option. PPC can help you reach more people, especially when targeting keywords with lower competition and higher conversion rates. You can use search Ads Hong Kong to build awareness about your brand, products, and services. You can even target users based on their interests and behaviors.

PPC campaigns can include text-based ads, display ads, or video ads. Search Ads is a tool used to increase web traffic through paid advertisements. It allows you to target keywords that people use when searching for certain products or services. For example, if you sell fashion online, you could use search Ads Hong Kong to target searches related to “fashion”. Google will display your ads on results pages that are relevant to those keywords. A Google Adwords account gives you access to the paid advertising platform, where you can create campaigns and choose keywords that are most relevant to your business.