Humanities School HK Helps Users Maximize Academic Potential

A prestigious Humanities School HK is a modern, innovative educational institution that helps students reach their maximum potential in various fields. EdUHK features over 20 development programs, a certified staff of 240+ members, 4 departments, and 8 research centers. Using top-ranked equipment, innovative practices and a positive approach, educators successfully assist students in using their talents and improving in advanced academic areas.

The mission of Humanities School HK is to build upon its traditional strengths that include culture, literature and language in order to provide the highest quality of humanities education and interdisciplinary programs. The system of the Faculty is built to respond to demanding humanities disciplines in the region and worldwide. With an all-inclusive research environment, students of EdUHK can make an enormous academic difference in Hong Kong and their skills and knowledge are also highly impactful globally.

Educators of the Humanities School HK aim to make a difference in multiple aspects. Directly, they affect the lives of students by equipping them with highly-appreciated qualities, abilities and knowledge. They create progressive habits and develop advanced capacity to synthesize, analyze and think critically. Nurturing talents that are ethically responsible and excellent professionally also helps Hong Kong graduates bring innovation and development to the region.

The representatives of EdUHK invite ambitious students with the will to learn and grow to join the Faculty and learn how to utilize their best features academically while developing new skills and abilities that will help them in personal and professional areas. The impact of EdUHK is already noticeable in Hong Kong and considering the number of students that graduates from this prestigious Faculty each year, it is certain that its full effect will be even more visible in years to come.