KELY Support Group Grows its Influence with Teen Mental Health

KELY Support Group, a reputable nonprofit organization, is providing comprehensive Teen Mental Health Service HK to educational institutions in the region. Since 1991, KELY has been developing and improving its services continually. The Group changed the way communities treat mental health. It made educators understand the importance of bringing drug and alcohol awareness.

Young people frequently don’t know how to deal with emotions properly. KELY’s Teen Mental Health Service HK assists them in understanding and handling stressful situations while supporting them in becoming the best versions of themselves. Some of the initiatives of this organization are the Coolminds, Growing Up with KELY (GUWK), and Talk2Me.

The results of the listed programs have been highly satisfactory. Coolminds is an initiative of KELY and Mind HK; these organizations partnered to bring the best practice in youth mental health to Hong Kong. Not only the Teen Mental Health Service HK teaches youth how to recognize and manage emotions; it also gives parents, educators and students access to valuable information and help online. They can use quality materials anytime because mental health needs continual treatment.

KELY’s work involves all groups that influence young people; not only teenagers themselves. While the Teen Mental Health Service HK primarily focuses on educating youth, the impact on parents and teachers is extremely important as well. The efforts of this Group have been extremely rewarding since its foundation. As KELY continues to implement its services, all communities that understand the significance of mental health are welcome to join the movement and affect the youth positively.