One-on-one Basketball Course

Are you considering picking out a basketball course for your child? There are many options out there and it may take a while to even cover them all. To name a few, private classes, winter weekend classes, after-school classes, spring break and summer camps. And the one that caught my eyes has to be ‘private classes’. Because teamwork is a huge part of basketball and a one-on-one basketball course does not seem to resonate that.

After I did my google search, I understand now the benefits of a one-on-one basketball course. First, your child can take the time to improve his/ her weaknesses before playing with the team again. Second, more shots can be taken. As you can imagine, a good basketball player must be able to shoot accurately and consistently. A one-one-one basketball course provides your child to chance to shoot more, which helps with building muscle memory and shooting form consistency.

By the way, if your child is passionate about basketball, here is a movie recommendation – Hoop Dreams. Hoop Dreams is a 1994 American documentary film about two African-American high school students, William Gates and Arthur Agee, and their dream of becoming professional basketball players. It is a heart-warming film about basketball, following one’s dreams, and friendship. I’m sure your child will enjoy watching it!