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Visitors and residents of Hong Kong can obtain luxury yachts at Asia Yachting for outstanding prices. If you are a yacht admirer, you will enjoy the wide boat selection at Asia Yachting. You can find a new Italian Luxury Yacht Monte Carlo, a Prestige yacht, Fountain Pajot, Sanlorenzo, and other popular brands. 

Asia Yachting is a private yachting dealership and brokerage. Here, you can purchase used and new exclusive yachts. One of the boats that has been especially attractive to clients recently is the Italian luxury yacht Monte Carlo. This manufacturer is actively promoting three Italian luxury yacht models currently – MCY 70, MCY 66, and MCY 76. These boats are classy, beautiful, and extremely luxurious. Clients can order the brand new, which allows the buyer to request certain customizations to make the yacht even more unique. 

Asia Yachting is also a Prestige yacht dealer. Prestige is a famous yacht brand with over 4,000 units on the water worldwide. You can find the older and newest Prestige boats at Asia Yachting. If you have a special order or you are waiting for new models, Asia Yachting will do everything to meet your requirements. 

This Prestige yacht dealer provides second-hand and new water vehicles. You can purchase a flybridge or a sports top version of Prestige boats. If you are unsure of your choice, consult the Asia Yachting team and they will share the features of both versions with you. That way, you will be able to make the best decision.