Why Thermal IP Camera is important nowadays?

The use of video security camera is very common to use among businesses for protection. However, their effectiveness has been questioned by many security experts as very often these cameras are limited in outdoor settings and have poor quality under low light situation. In 1940s, a Hungarian physicist Kálmán Tihanyi developed the first thermal IP camera and it was used mainly in military field. Thanks to Kálmán’s invention and the technology improved over time, thermal IP cameras grew popularity in different areas like hospitals, department stores, banks and even when firefighters are locating people trapped in a smoking and burning building. 

Guard Security Equipment Company Limited, a leading company in security industry established in 1997, offers you practical and affordable thermal IP camera for all sorts of uses, including night vision, building and roof inspection, security, hobby photography or even medical testing and diagnosis. Apart from thermal IP cameras, the company also provides security products and solutions using NVR and integrated security systems. The advancements of thermal IP camera and NVR are just getting better as time goes by, it is no doubt that it will be used widely and be applied in different practical applications.

If you are considering thermal IP cameras and NVR as part of your safety and security plan, reach out to our security experts and we will guide you through the steps to see what products are the right fit for your security plan. No matter what your security needs, Guard Security Equipment Company Limited has got you covered. Call us to request a proposal.